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Our vision is simple -
Use logical innovations to expose industrial inefficiencies; saving you money, empowering people, and preserving the planet.
It’s common sense.


Our Vision

At Ichor, we aren’t limited by the traditional boundaries of industries, suffocated by an inability to evolve or burdened by an impractical mission. We recognise the need to provide technological solutions for all and thus aim to create technologies which remove waste, are cost efficient and are accessible to everyone.

Our team is composed of dedicated students and recent graduates who are ready to break the mould and tackle the problems created by industry giants across the world. Our products will change the way in which business is conducted forcing companies to take account of their negative externalities of production or risk seeing Ichor overtake them in their native markets through our lean, streamlined and waste-free innovations. The work that our team is undertaking will lead to a world where efficiency becomes the central focus of business. For too long people have been victims of specialised industries which ignore obvious synergies which could reduce waste and increase productivity.

Our first product is an industry-altering machine currently still in development. We believe that upon launch our value proposition to consumers will assure that every individual will have an Ichor product in their home. Our plan is to continue to find ways by which we can help everyday people benefit from new innovations. Technology continues to be developed for the affluent and priced out of the range of everyday individuals. Were today’s companies to use innovative solutions and cross-industry coaction to reduce their costs, there is the potential to improve the lives of billions of people. Instead, their focus is on profits and a luxurious brand image.

Prior to the release of our initial offering our company will be operating a blog to illustrate that our vision is no fantasy. This blog will look to open your eyes to the waste and ignorance surrounding us. We hope to flip the switch and expose our future customers to the types of problems we are actively working to solve. Our company doesn’t look to create new industries or colonise Mars. Instead, our mission is more simplistic and close to home, we want to redefine industries and make your technology work for you.

Our team is confident in our ability to better the lives of everyone reading these words. Our supporters and customers are at the centre of our ideology and comprise the heartbeat of our company. We will continue to venture to save you money, empower people and preserve the planet. It’s common sense. And apparently, common sense is not so common.

Who are making it happen?

The Team

Being a member of Ichor’s team takes a unique individual motivated to make a change and willing to withstand criticism and persecution from established companies which we look to replace. All of our team members are dedicated to innovating for the general public and not for the upper classes. Our technology will be accessible to all as we save costs with pragmatic and contemporary solutions to longstanding problems. Our company is neither stuck in the past or dreaming of an unrealistic future, we are unique in the way that we can combine multiple technologies within the existing infrastructure and resources to benefit the people of today whilst lowering waste and emissions creating a cleaner world for future generations.

Ready to break down the barriers of industry, expose the waste and bridge the gaps is a team passionate to its cause ready to take on any company, institution or government failing to maximise the welfare of the people. Our members come from all over the world making diversity the main source of our creativity and skill. Together we are able to combine our knowledge, experience and wisdom to look beyond the traditional limits of industries and create logical innovations that expose industrial inefficiencies; saving you money, empowering people and preserving the planet. It’s common sense.

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Liam Gill | CEO

Liam is a Master's student at Durham University working towards an MSc Management which will be awarded in September 2018. Liam has already completed an LLB Laws from Durham University and has extensive experience with startups having worked with the Toronto Business Development Center from the age of 15. His entrepreneurial exploits have led to the forming of numerous companies. The success of these companies has been largely positive with none having defaulted or lost investor funds and a majority ceasing trading following a period of profitable trading.

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Rhys Birkinshaw | CTO

Rhys Birkinshaw is our Chief Technology Officer. He has extensive experience with startups and will be the President of Entrepreneurs Durham for the 2018-2019 academic year. He is a serial entrepreneur who founded his first registered company at the age of 16. Since coming to Durham, Rhys’ projects, which have ranged from the healthcare to transportation industry have allowed him to travel internationally, building a large network with suppliers, distributors and investors.

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Tobias McBride | Finance

Tobias is an MSc Management student at Durham University having completed his BA in Economics, again at Durham. Tobias has worked on a number of projects and businesses - from raising £10,000 profit from £10 seed capital for a social enterprise scheme, to working on the university solar car team as their Head of Business. Tobias is a keen runner and avid technology follower, working closely with the finance team to deliver the next big thing with Ichor!

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Patrick Seargent | Engineering

Patrick is a 3rd year electronic engineering undergraduate at Durham University - with a particular interest in robotics and sensor engineering. His other interests include cryptocurrency design, programming, stock market software development and political/military history. His main hobbies are amateur brewing and spending too many hours on Steam.

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Tom Cheng | Technology

Tom is a Computer Scientist at Durham University who has driven numerous successful startup ventures from a young age. He invests his time developing private projects that explore abstract programming paradigms, and has made various contributions to open source software.

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Edward George | Technology

Edward has just completed his 2nd year of his Computer Science Meng course at Durham University and has a particular interest in the theoretical side. His 2nd year project enhanced his ability in database management, which will be his key area working with Ichor. He has experience in leadership and management from running a computer science course at a summer education camp. Edward is always up for a game of ultimate frisbee and enjoys travelling in his spare time.

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Jon Holstead | Technology

Jon is in charge of designing the shiny user interface for our apps and website. While balancing reading a Master of Engineering degree in computer science at Durham University and many large-scale personal ventures, he has acquired a plethora of experience in design and innovation. He began programming early in high school and has since held a Software Engineer position at an international company. His other interests include playing piano at Grade 8 level along with captaining his college's rowing squad.

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Daria Komarova | Marketing

Daria is a Russian third year student reading Business and Management in Durham University. Daria participated in the Young Enterprise Scheme during her Caterham School career, which later lead on to volunteering for the first Russian entertainment radio station - DAB Matryoshka London. Daria has been awarded Gold, Sliver, Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award; worked for the RSPCA and Marie Curie charities, can play the guitar, and was part of Durham Fencing Woman’s 2nds 2016-2018. She's a strong believer in hard work and the importance of giving every member of the team an opportunity to speak up.

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Michelle Whitton | Marketing

Michelle is currently a university student studying Marketing. Alongside her degree studies, Michelle is the Publicity Officer for the Raising and Giving (RAG) Society. She has previously worked with charities such as Mind, the mental health charity. She is also a member of the women’s lacrosse team.

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Ellen Feng | Marketing

Ellen is currently working towards an MSc in Finance at Durham Business School. She is a focused, analytical thinker, with experience in accounting, technology, and customer services. She has been involved in many events throughout her time at Durham University, and is an active contributer to the community.

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Fiona Meads | Finance

Fiona is a French and American Business & Management undergraduate student at Durham university. She has previously worked as a Durham student ambassador, and in a telethon raising money for her college. Fiona loves learning new languages, interacting with people, and working on creative projects. She also enjoys running and playing tennis. Her aspiration is to start her own not-for-profit organization abroad.

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Alfie Godfrey| Marketing

Alfie is a Durham University Sociology student with a keen interest in marketing and entrepreneurship. He has have previously worked in hospitality, running various social media accounts for his employer. Additionally, Alfie has created and executed exciting marketing campaigns with a FinTech startup company in the North East (UK). His hobbies include Rugby, Skiing, and Poker, all of which he continues to enjoy whilst at university

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